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1位 Norwegian Cowbell - great!1 [Comment] 100.0%
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・Norwegian Cowbell - great! > I heard it on YouTube. The song amazed me!
・down to mexico > great song
・Nothing But Love > The day my niece was born I was playing this song again and again... love her!
・Boku No Atama > Hated the poppy melody at first, but now I kinda love it
・Black rain cloud > Played it 147 times in my iPod!
・Space Ship One > Didn't know Paul could be so cool, it gets better everytime you hear it
・TAKE COVER > First I heard Doug Pinnick cover, then I was stunned by Eric Martin powerful voice. Really takes me high.
・DADDY, BROTHER, LOVER, LITTLE BOY > First Mr. Big song I heard, I was supposed to play the guitar in my first band... not today I have achieve it!
・TO BE WITH YOU > We used to play acoustic songs in high school, this is one of them... powerful!
・Green Tinted 60's Mind > Love the vocal harmonies, and the tapping riff.