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2021/05/13(木) 14:27現在の投票数: 1328
RankVoteItemsNumber of votesReasonGraph
1位 SNAKEBITE257 [Comment] 19.4%
2位 To Be with You207 [Comment] 15.6%
3位 TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES172 [Comment] 13.0%
4位 DADDY, BROTHER, LOVER, LITTLE BOY106 [Comment] 8.0%
5位 Scarified69 [Comment] 5.2%
6位 Green Tinted 60's Mind64 [Comment] 4.8%
7位 STREET LETHAL48 [Comment] 3.6%
8位 FIRE OF ROCK44 [Comment] 3.3%
9位 LIVING THE HARD WAY35 [Comment] 2.6%
10位 SACRIFICE32 [Comment] 2.4%
11位 frenzy28 [Comment] 2.1%
12位 LOUD AND CLEAR27 [Comment] 2.0%
13位 MOTOR MAN24 [Comment] 1.8%
14位 HAMMER AWAY19 [Comment] 1.4%
15位 LADY KILLER 17 [Comment] 1.3%
15位 into the night17 [Comment] 1.3%
17位 KING OF THE MONSTERS13 [Comment] 1.0%
18位 Individually Twisted12 [Comment] 0.9%
18位 down to mexico12 [Comment] 0.9%
20位 Tell The Truth10 [Comment] 0.8%
21位 my religion9 [Comment] 0.7%
22位 Bliss8 [Comment] 0.6%
22位 let the computer decide8 [Comment] 0.6%
24位 Alligator Farm 7 [Comment] 0.5%
25位 Stay Together6 [Comment] 0.5%
25位 愛のしるし6 [Comment] 0.5%
27位 PURPLE HAZE5 [Comment] 0.4%
27位 SUPERHEROES5 [Comment] 0.4%
27位 Suicide Lover5 [Comment] 0.4%
27位 girl crazy5 [Comment] 0.4%
27位 keep on keepin' on5 [Comment] 0.4%
27位 take cover5 [Comment] 0.4%
33位 BUMBLEBEE4 [Comment] 0.3%
33位 Streetlights4 [Comment] 0.3%
33位 Viking Kong4 [Comment] 0.3%
36位 Dream Victoria3 [Comment] 0.2%
36位 Unreleased Material3 [Comment] 0.2%
36位 Wrong Man3 [Comment] 0.2%
39位 GET IT2 [Comment] 0.2%
39位 I DO2 [Comment] 0.2%
39位 I LIKE ROCK2 [Comment] 0.2%
39位 I'm JUST IN LOVE2 [Comment] 0.2%
39位 MILLION DOLLAR SMILE2 [Comment] 0.2%
39位 Mr. Skin2 [Comment] 0.2%
39位 masa ito2 [Comment] 0.2%
39位 unnatural2 [Comment] 0.2%
47位 GOLDEN GOD1 [Comment] 0.1%
47位 I Feel Love1 [Comment] 0.1%
47位 My Drum1 [Comment] 0.1%
47位 Time Before the Sun1 [Comment] 0.1%
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Comment 10件
・Individually Twisted > It's my Theme song
・GET IT > Played today 50 times, and yesterday 35 times, love it!
・girl crazy > Great song, pity that it's an Enuff z'nuff cover.
・Individually Twisted > 曲の構成がすばらしい。
・Green Tinted 60's Mind > sounds simple but great
・Green Tinted 60's Mind > You'll be ball deep in POont Tang before you know it.
・Green Tinted 60's Mind > Brisbane Australia Paul. Call my cell 0417 646 901. I got a couple of Ibanez you can play. A Jem and a RBM10.
・Green Tinted 60's Mind > I agree, come to Brisbane Australia. Hot Girls Here. You can stay at my house and Jam.
・Green Tinted 60's Mind > Best Intro Ever - When you comeing to Australia Bitch?